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Andrew and Jacki Quinley are passionate about reaching the youth of Thailand. In a nation where less than one percent of the population claims to believe in Jesus, they understand the importance of empowering young Christians and reaching Thais while they are still searching. Through genuine relationships with nearby university students, they help disciple new Christians and introduce others to Jesus. Based in the city of Chiang Rai, the Quinleys believe in hands-on ministry. They seek connection with the Thai people, a generally reserved culture. This connection allows Andrew and Jacki to fellowship and share the message of Christ in a real and honest way. They served on the initial staff that launched MediaLight, a training center for Asian leaders in the areas of leadership, discipleship, and media. The Quinleys believe that to reach the next generation, today’s pastors, prophets, and evangelists must become skilled at using all the modern forms of communication to make the greatest impact. Andrew is the son of Chuck and Sherry Quinley, also Church of God missionaries, and has lived outside the United States his entire life. He and Jacki met at Lee University, where they soon married before heading off to Thailand as missionaries.



Tommy and Poppi Smith - Lifting up the cross of Jesus Christ over Indonesia and beyond since 1983, Tommy and Poppi Smith are helping bring transformation to Indonesia, the country with the world’s largest Moslem population, through evangelism, leadership development, ministerial enrichment, and benevolence. Preaching the gospel and praying for miracles are Tommy’s top priorities. Fluent in the Indonesian national language, the Savannah, Georgia, native regularly travels the islands of Indonesia conducting revival crusades. Tommy also serves as regional superintendent over Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. Through his evangelistic media ministry called Indonesia Under an Open Heaven, Tommy proclaims salvation and the miracle-working power of Jesus Christ on both radio and TV. This effectively takes the Good News into the homes of unreached people who would never enter a church. Poppi has founded “Poppi’s Kitchen” a feeding ministry that provides quality nutritious meals for 450 children of low-income families twice each month. In”Poppi’s Classroom” she is teaching elementary and middle school students from low-income familes the value of an education. These programs not only encourage societal transformation but spiritual renewal. Such compassionate outreaches build the bridges to those of other faiths. The Smiths conduct leadership seminars to prepare and equip Indonesians to fulfill the Great Commission in the Spirit of the Great Commandment. Tommy and Poppi seek to place the Bible in the hands of those who don’t have God’s Word, along with helpful devotional material for spiritual growth and enrichment.

New Zealand

Samaritan's Place

Samaritan’s Place, which is the flagship project and program of SAMARITANS, Inc., officially opened its doors and began its operations of family-style residential care for kids and community services in June 2000.SAMARITANS, Inc is duly licensed and accredited by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to care for orphan, abandoned, foundling, and surrendered children. It is also licensed by the Inter-country Adoption to serve as liaison for Christian Adoption Services (CAS), USA and Inter-country Adoption New Zealand, NZ (ICANZ).



Dennis and Denie founded the Gentle Hands Ministry in the Philippines in 1990, now presently led by their daughter, Charity and her husband, Evan Graff. In 2002, the Heppners established a new orphanage in South India. Denie has nurses’ training and is an experienced mid-wife. Arriving in the Philippines in 1987, their primary focus has been developing pastors and leadership in Asia. Dennis organized a ministry called Developing Effective Leaders (D.E.I.) which provides monthly training to over 500 pastors in the Philippines. He planted a church in Makati in 1998 where he still serves. They average about 500 converts a year and have had up to 17 nationalities at one time. The local church has sent missionaries to Thailand, Malaysia, Mongolia, and China, as well as to other areas in the Philippines. Having written several books and training materials, one topic was extensively on the Holy Spirit. A Baptist church in Metro Manila used his book as a church Bible study and Dennis was later invited to attend and pray over the people. Every one of the 100 individuals present were filled with the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues! Dennis’ first trip to India was in 1979, and he has had a continuous ministry there since. Initially under appointment as Missionary Evangelist to Asia by the World Missions Board, Dennis carries through with his Career Missionary assignment by speaking at various meetings, and providing training for leadership. He states: “My burden remains the same. I want to develop leaders, train pastors, and build people’s lives. I’m thankful to be here and have never been sorry we came to Asia.”

Gentle Hands Orphanages

Gentle Hands is a child and youth welfare agency meant to be on the front lines of rescue (in coordination with Local Government Units) and rehabilitation of the medical, social, psychological, and educational needs of at-risk children and youth, advocating for the rights of children and working towards improving human community life through the love of Jesus and family centered care. Gentle Hands is a 24-hour Residential Care Facility that provides social work, medical, nutritional, home life, educational, recreational, adoption counseling and Christian living programs to orphaned, neglected and abandoned children in the Philippines.