Israel and Debbie Minay are seasoned missionaries with a strong missionary/church planting heritage. They have served as missionaries for the Church of God for over 20 years. Their work has encompassed three continents and includes four different people groups/religions, giving them a wide scope of missionary experiences. The Minays began their ministry in the United States as church planters within the Hispanic community. Outside the U.S. they served as missionary educators/church planters in Chile for 10 years, training leaders and establishing a model church within the country. Israel and Debbie then turned their hearts toward the “unreached people” of Cambodia. Their efforts there spanned a wide range of activities. The Minays were later assigned to Albania, where they assisted in leadership development for several years. Recently, the Church of God has asked the Minays to use their church planting expertise in a new thrust of church multiplication in South America. For this reason, Israel and Debbie returned to their beloved Chile, where they began their missions career. They are currently planting a new church in the middle class area of the capital city of Santiago. God is blessing their efforts and after only a few months, they have over 100 people in attendance.



Benson and Cathy Vaughan are missionary teachers at SEMISUD in Ecuador. Benson, a third generation minister in the Church of God, was trained as a public school music teacher and taught for 17 years. Cathy is a medical technologist and has worked in hospitals in Maryland and Tennessee. They developed a love for international students while Benson was attending the Church of God Theological Seminary. In 1999 when Benson graduated from the seminary with a Master of Divinity degree, he also graduated from Lee University with a Master of Church Music degree. They received their missions appointment soon afterwards.Benson and Cathy believe in planting seeds in the lives of young men and women who will one day go into many countries of the world to spread the Gospel.



Michael & Denise Mills - Dr Michael and Chef Denise Mills are using their talents to serve the Lord. They are the first AG missionaries in the history of Uruguay to live and work in the interior of Uruguay. Uruguay is known as the "graveyard of missions." We just believe that Jesus does miracles in graveyards...which we are experiencing! Dr Michael Mills is applying his education to train leaders through ISUM and Facultad, in many nations. He is also discipling an army of leaders, to disciple other leaders, who will win and train other disciples. Chef Denise is using her professional talents, using food to evangelize. Soon, she will be cooking for the mayor of Salto, Uruguay, and two past presidents of Uruguay. Check out her site: "Let's EATT" Evangelism Across the Table.


Terry & Beth Trussell have a vision to change the spiritual destiny of Uruguay. For them that means living and serving in that country. Their ministry, The Redemption Project, is committed to launching and igniting a church planting movement. A church planting movement occurs when a network of churches forms and intentionally multiples. The Trussells mission is to assist the network in planting 50 new churches in the atheist country of Uruguay.

Other countries we host:


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