Ryan and Amy Cole

Ryan and Amy Coyle The Coyle family lives in Northeast China and are involved with the people there on many different levels. Amy is involved with a wonderful group of doctors who frequent nursing homes and orphanages. She is currently waiting for a residency position in the States for her license. Ryan is involved with fathers. Every week he meets with different dads who need help with family skills and rearing children. Out of this "Father Class" come hungry hearts who are longing to know more about their real father. Ryan is also working on his second Chinese worship album.

Update in 2020 -Amy has been accepted into a residency program through San Carlos University in Guatemala. The Coyle family has moved to Guatemala.  Using medicine to further the Gospel has been a dream of Amy's for almost 20 years. Now it seems like the right time for that dream to come true.  We believe we are called to be mobile.  Getting the Gospel out is urgent during these times. Moving across the globe will be worth it to help show people of the world how much God loves them.  We do plan to return to China after one year in Guatemala but we are leaving the specifics up to God for now.