Sharise Reither
Democratic Republic of Congo

When she was twelve years old, she felt God call her to be a missionary to Africa. Later, that calling was defined to working with orphans and poverty-stricken children. She has always felt drawn to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) since she was in high school, but it is very difficult to live and minister there. In 2014, she decided to go to Africa and make sure God was really calling her to be a missionary. She went to Uganda and South Africa for a total of nine months and loved it. She still felt this call to go to the DRC and prayed about how to get there. Every Child Ministries works with children in Ghana, Uganda and the DRC. In the DRC, they have a program that works with street children and applied to work with that program.  The street children program is designed to start the process of getting children off the street. One way they do this is through reunification. Most of these children have families, but the families won’t accept them due to many different reasons. Every Child Ministries goes and speaks to the families to understand why. Often times, they can try to convince the family that their child is precious and not to be thrown away. If it is due to financial difficulties, they try to help the family earn a larger income, so that they can provide for another child. If there is no family or the family will not take them, they try to find a way for the children to earn money. The long-term goal is to get them into a trade school, which would provide a steady income and get them permanently off the street.