Alejandra Zamudio


Alejandra Zamudio is a missionary sent from the Church of God in Argentina and an active member. She lived in Resistencia, a small city in the Northeast of the country. She was sent by the church and the missionary agency to work with the team from Central America in Dakar and Thies, Senegal. She is also recognized as a South American missionary within Church of God World Missions. Since the beginning of 2009, she has  worked in the Amazon Jungle, in the Indian villages, with the Project “Integral Human Development.” This program includes Education, Health, Prevention, Social Assistance and Ecologist Care. She has been working with urban missions too, including: home visitation, track distribution, open air services, preaching, teaching, sports, cell groups, personal evangelism, creative ministry (dance, drama, aerobics, arts and crafts), and ministry with children, youth, and adults.  Between January and March of 2014 she was in Brazil working as a teacher at the CTM (Missionary Training Center) Between April and September of 2014, I had an amazing experience as a missionary in South Africa and Mozambique working with children, youth, and adults as well. God gave her the chance to meet many people in need and help them in any way she can. In 2016, between January and March, she was in Brazil again working as a coordinator at the CTM (Missionary Training Center) and then she went on a few trips to work in the Amazon Region to help another missionary ́s ministry (April - July). Since February 2017, she is serving as missionary in the city of Thies, Senegal.