How it all started...

The History of Church of God movement into the story of Cooper City Church of God.

Since its beginning, the Cooper City Church of God has been a “movement” - a moving church with a passion and purpose to transform the world. As a part of the Church of God denomination, with International Headquarters in Cleveland, TN, our story dates back to 1886 in a rough log building at the meeting of Barney and Coker Creeks, located two miles from the Tennessee/North Carolina boundary in Eastern Tennessee, the Church of God was born.

During years 1903 to 1905 two new churches were established in Tennessee and the Church expanded to Georgia as more and more people who were spiritually undernourished began to seek out the holiness and Pentecostal blessing that became available to them. Near the end of 1905 the movement had so prospered and grown that there began a demand for a general gathering of all churches in an assembly to consider questions of importance and to search the Bible for additional light and knowledge. Therefore, on January 27, 1906, the first General Assembly of the Church of God was convened at Camp Creek, Tennessee because it was near the birth place of the movement.

By the year 1908 the Church of God reported that 12 congregations were united under the same church leadership. During this same period a great revival swept Cleveland, Tennessee. Because of this revival spirit the Third Assembly was held in that city. On April 28, 1909, the first Church of God meeting was held in Tampa, Florida. The Church of God had arrived in Florida. On May 17, 1909, the first Church of God in the State of Florida was organized.
Nearly a decade later, in September 1985, Reverend Dwight & BonnieAllen came to pastor the church in Miramar. Pastor Allen brought a new vision to the church and ignited a sincere passion for reaching the lost in the surrounding areas and for world missions and global evangelization. Following his example of love and caring for the world and community, the church saw rapid increase in attendance and in giving. On December 18, 1991 the Miramar Church bought and closed on the property on Stirling Road in Cooper City. Site development began in September of 1993. Groundbreaking for Phase I took place on June 5, 1994. On March 17, 1996 occupation of the building took place with our first church service at the Stirling Road site.

Since the arrival of Reverend Allen in 1985 the vision or mission was be to be a community of believers bound together by covenant, with God and with one another. The Church was to be people-centered and relationally oriented. Pastor Allen and Bonnie served as pastor for thirty one years. He built a foundational legacy and touched the lives of thousands of people both here in south Florida and around the world.

Pastor Kevin & Cindy Harris were installed as the new lead pastors on September 1, 2016. Under their leadership, the vision has continued to be focused on the lost and hurting in our community and to take the Gospel of Jesus around the world. They have also reignited a passion to build spiritual champions in the next generation by offering excellence in our ministries to infants, children, students and young adults.

Today, more than 3,000 people call Cooper City Church of God home. We are experiencing growth through salvations as God continues to draw people to Christ through the work of the Holy Spirit. Our purpose is to Reach, Inspire and Develop others to Transform the world. And we now have more than 60 nations represented in our congregation worshipping as one. We are better together and we’re excited for what lies ahead and we look forward to you being a part of the rest of our story!
Several years later, a Church of God was stablished in West Hollywood, Florida by C.L. and Penny Butcher in 1951. Being young, energetic, and feeling the leading of the Holy Spirit, Brother and Sister Butcher began immediately to look for a location to begin the new church. The church soon began worshipping in a storefront building at 3210 South State Road 7. After a year or so of worshiping at this location and experiencing a great outpouring of the Spirit of God, the Church purchased land at 5901 S.W. 25th Street in West Hollywood. While the Church was being constructed a tent was set up and worship services continued while waiting for the new church building to be completed. August 23, 1952, was an important day for this young church when West Hollywood today reaches thousands every week through our ministries. God has certainly blessed the Cooper City Church of God from it’s humble beginnings.

As the Church continued to grow the body of believers began to seek out property for the purpose of relocating the Church. Land was purchased at 7680 Pembroke Road in Miramar, Florida. The ground breaking was held in the summer of 1977. In March of 1978 the new church building was completed and occupied by approximately 40 members. The new structure included living quarters for the pastor on the west side of the building, a fellowship hall in the south end of the building, and Sunday School classrooms on the east side of the building.