Nursery - Preschool - Elementary

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me..." - Matthew 19:14

The children's ministry at Cooper City is a vibrant, exciting ministry to children through the age of 12 years.
From the nursery to the preschool (babies - 5 yrs old) to the primary ages (6yrs - 12 yrs old), children will find it exciting to be a part of Kid City, where they learn to love and worship Jesus. There are opportunities for Bible study, worship, music, service, and lots of fun all year round.

Kid City Kids services & Nursery available:
Sundays: 8:30am | 10:30am
Wednesdays: 7pm

Kid City Kids & Nursery/Preschool
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DISCOVERY GROUPS are for children in 1st - 5th grade, every Sunday at 10am (between our Sunday morning worship experiences). This is a great “making friends” opportunity for your kids. They will enjoy a rotational Curriculum that that gives them opportunities to experience God’s truth’s in many exciting, hands-on activities. Do they enjoy Science, Cooking, Music, Art, Games, Movies and Storytelling? Then Discovery Groups is for them! Each week kids get to visit a new, exciting session while hearing the same Bible theme for the entire unit. In our first 6-week unit, kids will learn the theme of “Respect” and how to apply the “Golden Rule”. They will learn that we show our love for God and others by showing respect to all people as well as the earth that God created by building Volcano’s, creating “Golden” snacks, participating in Role Playing and more! Join us each week at 10am for this new and exciting life group for kids.


Cooper City Youth ministries exist to assist parents as they bring their teen to Jesus Christ, expose them to his teachings, equip them to worship, and to serve others.

Cooper City Youth service is our weekly entry-level event geared to reach teens and deal with relevant issues in our student's daily lives. We utilize everything from drama, music, videos, and games to make this night fun and exciting.

Service is every other Wednesday night at 7pm in the gym. The Sunday morning discipleship class is a scripture based discussion forum on current events and topics of interest.

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