OUR Vision ,mission, & Values

Our Vision

We see everyone, everywhere, transformed by the love of Jesus.

Our Mission

Cooper City Church of God exists to REACH people far from God, RESTORE the hurting and broken, RAISE UP
spiritual leaders, and RELEASE people to TRANSFORM the world.
REACH people who are far from God and encourage them to begin a relationship with Him.

The primary ways we accomplish this is through our Weekend Services, Outreach Events, and Training people to personally share the good news about Jesus in the places they live, work, study, shop and play.
RESTORE the hurting and the broken.

One of the ways God designed for us to be healed, whole, and free is to have people in our life to help us on the journey. Connecting with others in a Cooper City Church of God small group is a practical and enjoyable way to find that kind of life-changing community.
RAISE UP spiritual leaders.

Life starts to make sense when you discover and develop your God-given purpose. Through Growth Track, Mentoring Programs, and Leadership Training, we are developing people to become genuine Christ-like servants at home, at church, at work, and in our communities.
RELEASE people to TRANSFORM the World.

We believe that God has a special place for you to use your unique gifts and abilities to impact the lives of others. Very few people in their lifetime get to be a part of the success, growth, and life-change that we see happening every week in people’s lives through our church and its ministries. That’s what the Impact Team are all about. Become part of an Impact Team and watch what God will do through you to bless others!

Our Core Values

This is what guides our philosophy of ministry and decision-making.
PRAYER: Everything we do is built on the foundation of prayer.

OUTREACH AND MISSIONS: Lost people matter to God, therefore they matter to us.
Our job isn’t completed until all have heard the good news.

COMMUNITY: Everyone has a place to belong. You can't do life alone.
True life transformation happens in the context of community.

GENEROSITY: God so loved that He gave. We can’t out give God.

SERVANT LEADERSHIP: We look like Jesus when we serve others.
We will identify, equip and empower the church to do the work of the ministry.

DIVERSITY: We always strive to be a picture of Heaven’s demographic and everyone is welcome.

AUTHENTICITY: We believe in practicing what we preach.
We aren’t perfect, but we strive to lead with integrity and transparency.
Our mission, vision, and core values help shape who we are. We will do everything we can to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Everything we do must fit into the mold of reaching lost people. We see the world in two categories: those who know God and those who do not.
Cooper City Church of God is a place where everyone is welcome. We are a church that unbelievers can find a connection with Jesus Christ and His followers. We are a church where believers can be equipped and empowered to transform the world around them. We strive to accomplish all of this with an unforgettable first time guest experience; engaging worship experiences with relevant and inspiring messages from God’s Word; by creating environments for the next generation that are clean, safe and fun; by helping people to take next steps in their spiritual journey through Groups; and most importantly by relying on the Holy Spirit through prayer to guide us every step of the way.

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