Somnuk and Lily Montrelersdrasme

Somnuk and Lily Montrelersdrasme were both raised in Buddhist families, converted to Christianity in their early 20’s. Their marriage brought three children, Janice, Jon and Joshua, now adults, who use their many talents to serve God in various areas.  Their ministry has grown from one church with fewer than ten members in 1980 to more than 14 churches throughout Thailand along with more churches planted in Myanmar and Vietnam.  Additionally, they reach underground believers in Vietnam, a highly persecuted country, and regularly educate and train them. They built and operate two orphanages with more than 40 children. They run a Young Adult Ministry in Bangkok.  They sponsor some of the orphans to attend college in Bangkok. They teach Life Skills to them.  This is vital to keep them off the streets and integrate them into society productively. Lily was quiet and shy in nature, years ago God impacted her to found TurnAround Church in Bangkok from nothing.  God has continued to manifest His presence and power in this church in many ways including multiple healings from paralysis to cancers.