Danny and Peggy Thornton

Danny and Peggy Thornton We both received Christ as children. We attended Bible School together but did not graduate because we decided to get married in 1971. We have three sons today, which now have given us 8 grandchildren. While regularly attending and working in our local church, we felt to go to Mexico as missionaries. When the Lord gave a Word that came true, that forced us to leave Mexico, we returned to Texas and changed churches to a Spirit-Filled church. We grew in the Lord for 10 years and then our church saw our calling and sent us out back again to Mexico and Guatemala as missionaries. After 5 years of doing street evangelism and doing training conferences, the Lord told us to return home. We realized that from Texas that it was not a demotion but a promotion, because from the USA that we can do conferences anywhere. Since 2001 we are doing conferences to train youth and adults how to do street evangelisms, using four options: mime, clown, puppet & dance. We supply the outfits to the students and usually have 300 to 700 students at each conference, which lasts from Monday to Thursday. We do around 5 to 8 conferences each year. We have been to every country in Central and South America and now are going some to the Philippines and to Taiwan. Usually we have around 30 to 70 churches represented and they evangelize the following four days (Thursday to Sunday) and usually win from 100 to 4,000 to Christ at each conference. Today we just finished a Conference in South Peru with 300 students. Monday we start a Lima Conference with an estimated 500 students. We usually have a team of teachers to go and help us train these students to evangelize in their streets. These students will then continue in evangelisms and also use what they have been taught in their local church. We have now done since 2001 around 90 conferences.