John and Carla Ramos

John and Carla Ramos  are no strangers to the mission field.  They served in Germany and Spain for a number of years before returning to the states.  While in the states, they were able to further their education believing that one day God would allow them to return to the mission field.  John earned the following degrees: BA in Biblical Studies (East Coast Bible College), a Master of Divinity (Pentecostal Theological Seminary) and a Doctorate of Ministry in Marriage and Family Ministry (Palmer Theological Seminary).   He served for ten years at the Church of God Pentecostal Theological Seminary in various positions: Director of Student Services, Registrar, Financial Aid Director and Adjunct Professor in counseling.   John is an Ordained Bishop and has held ministerial credentials in the Church of God (Cleveland, TN) since 1978.   Carla is a graduate of Lee University with a B.A. in Modern Foreign Languages and a Master of Education.  

Our mission is:
1. To provide Christian training for men and women in the area of  Marriage and Family.
2. To provide pastoral counseling training for pastors.
3. To provide leadership and development training for pastors, laity and mentors.
4. To conduct and organize mission trips for congregations (youth groups, etc.) to experience the mission field for themselves.
5. To introduce individuals or congregations to mission projects which they can become involved in.
6. To provide humanitarian outreach through medical clinics and food banks.