One of the greatest things a Christian could do is to share the love of Jesus with another person. That could be a family member, a friend, a stranger on the telephone or someone in their local community. This is the main thing that Jesus asks us to do. We are deliberate in our efforts to share Jesus with people, and to let them know that Jesus loves them, and that He wants them to become members of the family of God.

Broward Right to Life

Broward Right to Life was formed in 1973 and exists to guarantee the God-given right to life of all people; specifically those in Broward County. To achieve this, we engage in charitable, educational, scientific, and social action activities, projects, or purposes in order to: 1) Present detailed and factual information on topics related to the right to life. 2) Promote respect for the worth and dignity of all human life from the moment of fertilization until the natural end of life. 3) Promote, encourage and sponsor the legal protection—whether through statutory or amendatory measures or civil suits—of the right to life of all innocent human beings from the moment of fertilization. 4) Provide education and information to the public on the benefits and blessings of abstinence until marriage

Heart2Heart Outreach of South Florida

With an uncertain economy and unstable healthcare, elderly residents become increasingly vulnerable to loneliness, social isolation, emotional trauma, and abuse.  Heart2Heart Outreach of South Florida recognizes the answer to many of the issues that senior citizens are experiencing is people.  People to care, to listen, to love, to honor, and to share life with our community’s most forgotten population:  the elderly living in care centers.  Since 2011, Heart2Heart has matched hundreds of volunteers with care centers in south Florida.  These committed passionate volunteers have made an incredible difference in the lives of thousands of senior citizens who would otherwise have gotten little or no visits from family and friends.

Heart of Florida Youth Ranch

For children who have nowhere to go and have suffered loss of parenting due to abandonment, abuse, neglect and death, these words are more than just a cliché.  They represent the beginning of a journey toward healing and wholeness.  Situated among the horse and cattle ranches of Marion County Florida; The Ranch provides a rural atmosphere that is conducive to nurture and growth. We believe children grow up best in healthy families. When it is necessary for a child to live apart from his or her family, we provide quality, compassionate care and remain focused on getting the child and family reunited. When reunification is not an option, our focus becomes the best option for permanency for the child.

Hope Women's Center

With almost 30 years of experience providing free and confidential services to patients in Broward County, they are here when women find themselves unsure of whether they are pregnant, and when they don’t know all of their options. They're here when women need a free and confidential space to get their questions answered.

Jesus Loves You Ministries

Jesus loves you ministries is an outreach program to the homeless in the Broward County. They provide food and other necessities to those in need located in South Florida
If you would like to get involved or want more information contact Pastor Charles Elliot:  cje1@cccofgod.org

Sheridan House

Sheridan House is committed to offering our community services, which give children and families the opportunity to reach their full, God given, potential; opportunities that might otherwise not be available due to impeding circumstances in the home.

Teen Challenge - Davie Women's Home

They have been serving the South Florida area faithfully for over 29 years and have seen the miraculous power and fathomless love of God change countless hurting women who have walked through our doors desperate for change. We are so grateful that God is still in the business of life transformation.