Tommy and Poppi Smith

Tommy and Poppi Smith - Lifting up the cross of Jesus Christ over Indonesia and beyond since 1983, Tommy and Poppi Smith are helping bring transformation to Indonesia, the country with the world’s largest Muslem population, through evangelism, leadership development, ministerial enrichment, and benevolence. Preaching the gospel and praying for miracles are Tommy’s top priorities. Fluent in the Indonesian national language, the Savannah, Georgia, native regularly travels the islands of Indonesia conducting revival crusades. Tommy also serves as regional superintendent over Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. Through his evangelistic media ministry called Indonesia Under an Open Heaven, Tommy proclaims salvation and the miracle-working power of Jesus Christ on both radio and TV. This effectively takes the Good News into the homes of unreached people who would never enter a church. Poppi has founded “Poppi’s Kitchen” a feeding ministry that provides quality nutritious meals for 450 children of low-income families twice each month. In”Poppi’s Classroom” she is teaching elementary and middle school students from low-income familes the value of an education. These programs not only encourage societal transformation but spiritual renewal. Such compassionate outreaches build the bridges to those of other faiths. The Smiths conduct leadership seminars to prepare and equip Indonesians to fulfill the Great Commission in the Spirit of the Great Commandment. Tommy and Poppi seek to place the Bible in the hands of those who don’t have God’s Word, along with helpful devotional material for spiritual growth and enrichment.

Poppi's Kitcken - 8.4 million children in Indonesia suffer from chronic malnutrition. 300,000 young children are left to search for scraps of food and money in the streets every day. In an atmosphere of deep need, Poppi’s Kitchen exists to provide hot, nutritious, homemade meals to around 600 needy children. Poppi Smith started the outreach. Her and her husband have been bringing the Gospel to Indonesia since 1983.
Your investment in Poppi’s Kitchen will help provide relief to the young ones searching for food.
Benevolence – Pulling down the strongholds of poverty. Through Poppi’s Kitchen, the Smiths seek to introduce children to Jesus during the crucial 4-14 (years old) window. They aim to break poverty through three chords – the heart (salvation), the head (education), and the stomach (nutrition). As such, they feed hundreds of children and are now beginning to operate kindergartens. Each year they host a Christmas party for over 2,000 children. The gospel is preached in an age appropriate manner, and then the children are given gifts and snacks.