Glen Anniskette and Susie Leach first met at West Coast Bible College back in the ‘70s, but through their shyness never spoke. Forty years passed, and while Susie worked at Lee University in the Communication & the Arts Department for 12 years, Glen was at his computer in Africa on a mission trip. He began a conversation with Susie, she responded, and they were married six months later in the Westmore Church of God in Cleveland, Tennessee.Bishop Glen Anniskette has served as an international missionary evangelist for the Church of God for 35 years, ministering in 63 nations.  To the best of his knowledge, he’s the only full-blooded Tlingit bishop in Alaska.  To top it off, he’s the prince of his tribe. Susie Leach (now Anniskette) has earned her B.A. in Communications from Lee University and her M.A. in Journalism from Regent University.  She presently teaches online and on campus part-time for Lee University.  Susie’s children and grandchildren live close by and can testify to the fact that things have changed dramatically in her life.


Indian Ministries of North America

The mission of Indian Ministries of North America, Inc. is to be frontline Warriors impacting lives, restoring the broken, healing the wounded, and setting the captives free. The vision of IMNA for reaching the Native American people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. A ministry reaching beyond the boundaries of denomination, culture, and race. 

Agape Source

A nonprofit organization that is seeking to provide care and practical resources to international students. Each of their staff has experienced cross-cultural living and understands that life in a foreign country can be a challenging adjustment. They share God’s love with international students through Welcome, Share, and Mentor.

Freedom Outreach

Freedom Outreach is a Ministry to the Military that serves and ministers to members of all branches of the uniformed military services and their families. In addition, the Organization regularly serves military veterans, expatriates, host country nationals and their families through a variety of both traditional and innovative methods. Services are currently delivered at diverse locations in the USA and in 17 different countries.

Medici Project

We create programs and opportunities for millennials, helping them cultivate a heart of service, make sense of individual purpose, and turn what they love into what they do.